Dreamt up by a frustrated activist and carried out by determined artists willing to do whatever it takes. The Know Cannabis Talks are the voice that I didn’t have in TN, FL, DE, or any of the other prohibition states I have lived. Having already sat down with a cannabis researcher,  a cannabis event coordinator,  the owner of multiple hydronic shops, and a cancer survivor I am now excited to bring you more. Weather you enjoy the full episodes or the shorts, together we can interview more patients, scientists, doctors, and even politicians. I strongly believe that talking about this is not only the gateway to us better understanding this plant as a community, but by introducing the faces of those making a living from cannabis and those living because of cannabis we can create that emotional momentum needed for tangible policy change. The Future holds more guests, locations, talks, and adventures. Thank you for watching and tune in to Know Cannabis Live every Sunday on our Facebook page. There you will have the opportunity to ask your own questions.